Every person’s experience of living with an eating disorder or disordered eating patterns is entirely unique, which is why your treatment is customized for you. Whether you fit the criteria of anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, binge eating disorder or otherwise, your eating disorder is unlike anyone else’s and may require a different approach than someone else suffering from
the “same” thing.


We define an eating disorder as a relationship with food that has become intrusive in your life. In clinical practice, eating disorders rarely fit neatly into a specific diagnosis and rather include symptoms of bingeing, purging and restricting to different degrees that are dynamic or change over time.


The objective of our treatment is recovery, extending well beyond refeeding or symptom interruption. When you have recovered your eating disorder symptoms will be overcome, you will feel safe and in control around food in any circumstance and most importantly you will feel strong, capable and resilient in your life.


In our experience, most patients are in treatment for one year at a minimum and sometimes longer as we work with our patients until they are fully recovered.

• Anorexia

• Over exercise addiction

• Bulimia

• Binge eating disorder

• Laxative abuse


• Chronic dieting

Starting Treatment

In addition to pharmaceuticals, you may be prescribed supplements or tinctures. Supplements, or nutraceuticals, are high dose micronutrients for a pharmacological effect. They surpass the levels accessible by food/diet, and work alone or with other nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals for greater and safe symptomatic relief.

Tinctures are liquid herbs originally derived from plants. As botanicals, these are gentler than their medication counterparts, without side effects and with multiple medicinal qualities from the multiple active compounds found within a single plant.